From the beginning, we will have one of our very knowledgeable coaches help you EXPLORE which program will be the best fit for you. Then, we will EVALUATE where you are in your fitness journey, and teach you the correct way to do all of the movements. This will create the most EFFICIENT way for you to workout and get the most out of your fitness journey with us here at TBone Active!

Each class time will have each of the following programs available:

Sport: High intensity workouts for individuals that want to lift weights and do more challenging gymnastic movements. These movements CAN be scaled down, but this program will require a little bit more experience, strength, and endurance to complete everyday. 

Fitness: High intensity workouts for people that also involves lifting weights and completing basic gymnastic movements. These weights will be lighter than the “Sport” program, and require less experience and skill, but still be a great challenge and help you feel accomplished after walking out of the gym! 

Life: From the couch to the gym - anyone and everyone can do the "Life" program! These workouts will consist of basic movements that anyone can perform with lighter weights and repetitions. These movements can be taught to anyone in about 2 minutes. Don’t worry, this program will still challenge anyone that performs it and make you break a sweat! From the 80 year old grandmother, to your average joe that has never done any kind of exercise class, to a former professional athlete getting back into fitness, this program will be our most versatile one yet! 



5am, 6am, 12 noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm (no 6:30 on Fridays)


10am Team/Community workout  

Additional open gym options 7 days a week (ask for details)  

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Each class is $20 unless you get a membership package which offers a discount based on how many classes you plan to attend each month.

COVID-19 Announcements

Classes will resume at regularly scheduled times starting May 18th!
We are taking extra precautions and following all  government suggestions to keep you safe during this time. Expect a few changes around the gym such as:

  • wiping down equipment between every class
  • limited class sizes
  • shorter class times to give people time and space to get in and out thereby limiting interactions between classes
  • temperature screening at the door
  • continuing to change and adapt with the times to keep everyone safe!

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to the gym!

Contact us if you have other questions or concerns!  (325) 656-2821