Membership Packages

First Class

We want you to know what you are signing up for so your first class is FREE

Drop-in/ Single Classes

If you aren't ready to fully commit or just have a crazy schedule, you are welcome to drop in for any single class for $20/class

Unlimited Monthly Package*

When you know you have found the program for you, an unlimited membership package is the best deal, unlimited classes for $150/month

8 Classes/Month Package*

If you know you will want to come more than a few times a month and want a discount on each class, this package offers 8 classes a month for $120/month

4 Classes/Month Package*

If you want a discount on classes but a schedule that is never consistent, this package offers 4 classes a month for $68/month

Fitness Zone Membership

In addition to your TBone Active membership, if you join the Fitness Zone gym for just $10/month you will have full access to the gym outside of TBone Active class times and access to childcare. This is NOT a requirement to participate in TBone Active classes.

*We offer a 15% discount on packages for first responders, military, nurses, students and teachers!

Ready to commit to getting healthy?

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